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At Southfield teachers assess their pupils learning throughout the year so that they can plan the next steps in their learning. This is called assessment for learning (formative assessment) and is an ongoing process. The way that this type of assessment is carried out will depend on the pupil's stage of development and could include marking work in books, observing the child during an activity or asking questions. We share some of this assessment through the online pupil portfolios on Earwig and Tapestry.


We also make formal judgements about pupils progress and attainment three times per year. We use the P Levels in the form of PIVATS 5 to do this in reading, writing and maths. PIVATS 5 uses the P Scales as a basis for assessment but has been updated so that it is in line with the current National Curriculum. These assessments are shared with parents in the Annual Pupil Report for the review of the Education and Healthcare Plan for each pupil.


We use the Early Years and Foundation Stage Development Matters document to assess the progress of children in Reception.