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Jays and Blackbirds Autumn 2 2020

This half term our topic has been ‘Playlists’ and this as opened up the opportunity to learn through music and rhythm which has been really engaging for the children.  In CLL, children have explored poetry using the book “Poems to Perform”. This area of CLL allowed us to explore poems such as “The Sound Collector” and “The Voice of the River” which gave us the opportunity to explore onomatopoeia.  The children especially loved investigating the different sounds they could create with water and then using these sounds in their own poem. While exploring poetry children were encouraged to join in with predictable phases and to recite some by heart. Children were supported to write their own poems by writing drafts by noting ideas, key phrases and vocabulary, moving on to compose and rehearse their poems in order to perform them to the class.


In mathematics we’ve continued with our learning about addition, subtraction and place value, with some children exploring number patterns and multiplication. We have also learnt about the properties of 2D and 2D shapes.


Our topic theme of Playlist has lent itself to us exploring hearing and sound in science. We learnt about how sound travels from an object to our ear and then how a message is sent to our brain. We played some listening games to investigate how our ears work and what information they tell us about the world around us. In geography, we learnt about locations with some children going on hunts around the school using their PECS books to request where they wanted to go to search for items. Others used an atlas to learn about the 7 continents and some of the countries in these continents. Children learnt how to locate these place on a world map.