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Music Therapy

Music Therapy at Southfield School is part of our multi-disiplinary approach to education, using strategies and approaches individual to each child in order to maximize their readiness to learn.


Music Therapy is not used to teach music, but as a way to help pupils develop a range of developmental and life skills.  Music is a non-verbal medium, but it contains the same elements of pitch, rate, volume, phrasing and structure as are present in speech. The use of music as an expressive medium comes before the acquisition of language and can be particularly useful for encouraging early communication skills.
Interactive music making combines using communication skills with cognitive skills such as attention and listening, social skills such as turn-taking, physical skills such as grasping and coordination, as well as self-awareness and self-confidence.


Southfield School have two Music Therapists working on a Tuesday and Friday each week. Any professional or family member may make a referral.  The therapists will make an assessment of the pupil and recommend an appropriate programme.  Pupils may work with a therapist individually or within a small group.  Our music therapists also teach whole class sessions.


Parents and carers receive a music therapy report at annual review meetings and feedback of progress is regularly given to class teachers.