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Our Curriculum

The documents below will give you an overview of how the National Curriculum and EYFS is delivered in each department of the school. For all pupils the National Curriculum is differentiated by content and pace to meet the learning needs of all pupils. The National Curriculum alone does not represent the whole of the curriculum at Southfield. For some pupils it provides a broad context through which they learn the skills which are a priority for them as individuals, especially communication skills, self-regulation, independence and positive learning behaviours.


The plans below  identify the broad areas of each programme of study that pupils will follow each half term. They do not describe how teachers will differentiate the learning for each pupil.


  • We use multi-sensory teaching approaches.
  • Approaches such as TEACCH help our pupils to learn to work in an independent and structured way.
  • Learning is often presented through hands on and concrete activities.
  • Many of our pupils are ‘visual learners’ so signing, symbols and visual schedules help pupils to understand activities and expectations.


Phonics is delivered throughout the school. In EYFS and KS1 we use 'Jolly Phonics' which provides a structured and multi-sensory approach. In KS2 we use 'Sounds Discovery' which is a structured, small steps multi-sensory approach. Both of these schemes follow the structure of the 'Letters and Sounds' programme and teachers use some of the activities from this scheme to supplement the other schemes.