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Promoting British Values

At Southfield we aim to develop the attitudes and values in our pupils which will enable them to play an active and positive role in their communities.


We promote British values in the following ways:




  • We have an active school council of pupils who are voted in by their peers so that all classes in the school are represented. The school council is consulted throughout the year on new developments, and they play an active role in our self-evaluation e.g. carrying out a student wellbeing survey.
  • Staff plan opportunities within lessons or in enrichment activities to make sure that pupils are given opportunities to make choices in a variety of ways e.g. voting on which story we would like to hear, choosing from a range of rewards. Activities are planned which take account of pupils own interests, this can be something small like choosing the character you would like on a sticker chart, choosing a personally motivating reward to work for or being involved in making a decision about where to go on a school trip.
  • Decision making is distributed throughout the staff team, and staff meetings and shared INSET ensure that all staff are involved in school improvement planning and evaluation activities.




  • Our PSHE curriculum encourages pupils to understand that the role of Law and Law enforcement is to enable people to live safely and harmoniously together. Initially we encourage pupils to recognise simple structures like ‘now and next’ and to learn that school rules are there to keep us happy and safe. We encourage visits from other services like the police to support this learning.
  • Assemblies are used to explore the positive reasons for rules, and to discuss positive behaviour for learning.
  • Our Positive Behaviour Policy ensures that there is support for all pupils to learn the skills that they need to have an increasing understanding of; the needs and wants of others; how their behaviour impacts on others; and positive strategies to cope with challenge. We encourage pupils to ‘say sorry’, ‘make things right’ and to recognise the consequences of their actions.




  • Pupils are encouraged to make and communicate appropriate choices where possible during the school day e.g. from the equipment and materials they use, the peers they work with, the rewards that they earn and the clubs and activities that they participate in.
  • Our positive behaviour policy encourages pupils to learn to appreciate how their choices can affect others.
  • Developing positive communication is a core area within the school curriculum, and pupils are encouraged to express and communicate their preferences, opinions and choices in a positive way during their time in school.
  • Pupils are involved in decision making at a whole school level, through the school council.
  • Pupils are involved as much as possible in identifying their own targets, monitoring their progress towards these targets and are encouraged to participate in decisions about their learning through the annual review process e.g. attending meetings, sharing their personal Record of Achievement and contributing their views through the Pupil Views booklet.




  • We follow the Hertfordshire Scheme of work for Religious Education, which encourages pupils to become aware of a range of different faiths and beliefs and to develop respect for a variety of different faiths and beliefs.
  • Assemblies are used to learn about at the festivals, customs and beliefs of people from a range of cultures and faiths.
  • Books, equipment, artefacts and displays are chosen to represent different religions and cultures in a positive way.
  • The school displays a strong commitment to equal opportunities through its policies and practice and has a zero tolerance approach to discriminatory language and behaviour.