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Swans Autumn 2020

This term the children have been learning about reading aloud different picture books such as We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and A Brave Bear exploring the illustrations and encouraging them to chime in with familiar refrains. The children have been engaging in responding to the poetry such as: - Tell me…was there anything you liked about this poem? Why? - Was there anything that you particularly disliked…? Why? - Was there anything that puzzled you? - Were there any words or phrases that you liked the sound of? Why is that? - Were there any patterns…any connections that you noticed in the words…the rhythm or rhyme? During Math’s we have been covering ‘shape’ the children have been looking at 2D and 3D properties and sorting shapes by criteria. During ‘Number’ the children have been learning number songs, recognition of number, writing numbers and simple addition using number bonds. In ICT we have been practising taking selfies and enjoyed making different faces.