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Termly Family Socials

'At Southfield School we organise a termly 'Family Social' event. The aim of these social nights is for families to get together with other families, let their children join in activities that they may not normally experience and to socialise with friends away from the classroom. They run on a Friday evening from 5pm - 7pm. We have food, refreshments, a wide range of activitties and it's all free for the families. We invite the whole Southfield community and each social is centred on a different theme, e.g. Bonfire night, family picnic, Disney night, games night, etc. As the school is currently partially closed due to Covid-19 we ran a virtual family social on Friday 15th May. We asked our families and staff to wear something blue and/or white (Southfield School colours) and take part in a variety of different activities. We then asked everyone to send in their photos/videos so we could celebrate together on our website. We hope you enjoy looking through our photos. We all had lots of fun!'

Asa made a new friend for the family social

Orfea played the piano

Still image for this video

Lizzie did a dance for the family social

Still image for this video

Message number 2 from Lizzie

Still image for this video

A message from Lizzie

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Family social in lock down. May 2020

Ben made cakes and sent everyone a message
Bev made cakes
Charlie made a pizza
Charlie and his family having fun in the pool
Clarissa made a fruit salad rainbow
Harry and his brother made cakes
Harry pleased with his cake
Harry working hard
Jackie playing a game with little Roco
Jackie and Roco
Lizzie preparing her Pizza
The finished Pizza
Mixing the cake
Adding the eggs
Concentrating on mixing the cake
Lizzie made cakes
Sarah and Thomas making blue and white foam
Thomas playing with the foam
Thomas is making Pancakes
Sarah made mini pizza's